Cracked Steam [1.5.2015]

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Cracked Steam [1.5.2015]

Bericht van Admin op ma nov 23, 2015 2:34 pm

Setup Cracked Steam:

Format : EXE
File Size : 158.7 MB
Release Date : [1.5.2015]

[Je moet geregistreerd en ingelogd zijn om deze link te kunnen zien.]

What You Need :

1. Steam Installed (Setup Included If You Don't Have It)
2. An Account Steam (You Can Create One When The Installation Is Done)



1. Run Setup
2. Accept The License Agreements Contracts
3. Click On The Two Images And Then Do "next" (This Is Ads And We Require To Go Through It)
4. Do Not Change The Installation Folder, And Do Next
5. When It Asks You Which Components To Install, Uncheck "Check For Updates" And Then Click Next
6. And As Usual, Uncheck "Tweaker" Then Next And then "Install"
7. After Installation, Click "Finish" And Let Him Do The Update

Many Games Are Available When You Click On "Tools" From The Library! (Over 200 Games)


For Some Games You Want To Download There is a Server Problem But Not For ALL Games.
In This Case, You Must Wait For The next Update That Will Fix The Bug. It Will Be Not Long Because They Release Update Frequently.


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